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Criminal Litigation deals with the laws and/or rules defining such conduct that is forbad by the country as it intimidates, risks and harms the safety and welfare of the mass people. It certainly also specifies the punishment to be imposed on those who breach these laws. The Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC), 1898 (Act No V of 1898) provides all the procedures in connection with hearing, and punishing or acquitting an accused.

We provide our services on different criminal cases at different stages on behalf of the accused and the victim before different courts of law including the trial courts and appellate courts. We conduct the cases with the object to prevent offences and bring offender to justice.


Civil Litigation is the body of law which sets out the procedures, rules and standards that the courts of law follow when adjudicating civil lawsuits (as opposed to procedures in criminal law matters). The Code of Civil Procedure (CPC), 1908 (Act No. V of 1908) is a procedural law that provides the laws related to the administration of civil proceedings in Bangladesh.

We provide our services on different civil cases in many fields including land, property and trusts, money suits, regulatory/disciplinary issues, immigration, admiralty, and taxation etc. at different stages in different courts of law. We shall assist you resolve the disputes by providing legal expert opinions as well as representing you and/or your company in different courts of law and tribunals.


Company law, which is also known as corporate law is an area of law that deals the rights, relations, and management of the persons, companies, organisations and businesses.  It provides the laws for the shareholders, directors, employees, creditors, and other stakeholders, such as consumers, the community and the environment; interact with one another under the internal rules of the firm (or law of business associations).

If you are intending to register a new company or relocation of your existing company to Bangladesh, we are here to provide you the required services that you need. As said by the Companies Act 1994, anyone (local or foreign) above the age of 18 (eighteen) can register a company in Bangladesh. We can also provide services regarding specialist advisory, drafting and advocacy services in relation to company matters in addition to assisting you in all forms of disputes concerning company matters by advising and representing you in courts and tribunals.


Family law is an important area of the law that deals with family-related matters involving all issues and disputes concerning marriage, divorce, ward-ship, child custody, residence and all other financial claims related with them. The family disputes are one of the most important areas of our practices that we focus most with our considerable understanding, experience and caring attitude.


The Banking Litigation is area of law which deals with disputes in the banking and other financial sectors. We provide different services which include providing assistance to national and international banks as well as financial institutions on loan documentation and syndicated loans in addition to providing general advice on banking law and financial services.

We offer legal opinion on usual banking matters and/or disputes and also conduct litigation cases, including Artha Rin suits before different courts of law arising out of banking matters, loan default, cheque dishonour etc. We, likewise, represent individual clients in various banking matters regarding their banking related legal issues.


Taxation is a method by which the state finances their expenditure by imposing charges on its citizens and corporate entities. VAT, Tax and Customs associated legal support in Bangladesh is rapidly emerging. The Lawyers & Jurists has a varied tax practice that includes advising on income tax, VAT and customs related issues arising from the domestic and international trade, compliance requirements for individuals and domestic and international entities carrying on business in Bangladesh, including in the not for profit sector, corporate re-organization and other related corporate work.

Taxation is the process by which governments finance their expenditure by imposing charges on citizens and corporate entities. Although, principally, taxation should be neutral in its effects on the different sectors of an economy, governments use it to encourage or discourage certain economic decisions. For example, reduction in taxable personal (or household) income by the amount paid as interest on home mortgage loans results in greater construction activity, and generates more jobs.

We obtain Tax Identification Number (TIN) and filing tax return for individuals and companies and their directors and shareholders. We provide necessary opinion on income tax, VAT and customs tax and tax rebate matters. We also appear before various tax tribunals on behalf of our clients.