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Barrister Muhammad Ibrahim Khalil is an Advocate in Bangladesh and Managing Partner of Barrister-at-Law, a law firm in Bangladesh. He has been practicing law for a long time and has assembled an implacable reputation as a go-to lawyer in Bangladesh in Foreign investment, family disputes, white color litigation cases. He has performed many cases in courts starting in Bangladesh.

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We, Barrister-at-Law always try our preeminent to find out what is the desired outcome of the clients from the services we are rendering to them; and we plan our course of action to meet the desired goal of the client and thus we i.e. Barrister-at-Law Bangladesh Law Firm and our client walk in the same path and try jointly to achieve the similar goal.

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We have experience not only in local arbitration but also in international arbitration, including international commercial arbitration proceedings. We are very much acquainted with all the procedural codes espoused in different arbitration processes. We also advise on the choice of forum clauses (court jurisdiction v. arbitration), the choice of arbitral institution, the drafting of international arbitration clauses and the appointment of arbitrators.

We have a network of trusted arbitration lawyers across the globe with whom we can work seamlessly to manage cases where local counsel are required, particularly at the enforcement stage of the process.

Our specialist arbitration lawyers combine creative problem-solving techniques with a modern and commercial approach towards dispute management. Our aim is to achieve our clients’ objectives in a focused and cost-effective manner.

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